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New York-style deli food!

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Why Meshugana Deli’s Bagels Are the Breakfast of Champions 🥯🌟

Shalom Aleichem to all our cherished guests and curious readers. Welcome to a delightful exploration at Meshugana Deli. Located in Sarasota, Florida, Meshugana Deli is
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New Location Brings New York Style Hand-Rolled Water Boiled Bagels To The Community

We are excited to announce the expansion of Meshugana to a new location and the addition of New York Style Bagels to our menu!
Meshugana Recurso - Meshugana

Looking For a Taste of New York in Sarasota?

Look no further than Meshugana Deli, the area's only authentic New York style deli and catering company. Our expertly crafted sandwiches are made from the